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Hamall specialise in the calibration and maintenance of process instrumentation and it is a regulatory requirement that your process instrumentation is part of a calibration and maintenance schedule. Hamall customers have always been supported by our laboratory and testing facilities/calibration services and more recently we have the capability to carry out some testing/calibration onsite.

Upholding Standards

Hamall can offer a comprehensive on-site and workshop based service to all industry sectors and our highly skilled engineers are equipped with some of the most advanced calibration equipment available.
Most instrument parameters from all manufacturers are calibrated by factory and the most common of these include: pressure, temperature, flow, density, analytical, level, weight and valve testing.
Hamall will always discuss your exact calibration requirements whether this is on-site or workshop based and will always endeavour to provide you with a service that meets your exact requirements, however demanding they may be.

Additional calibration services include: Test instrument calibrations, U.K.A.S traceable calibrations, pressure testing, N.D.I. testing, and PMI testing.

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