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Project Description

Moho Nord is a vast project operated by Total to produce untapped reserves in the Moho-Bilondo license block, which covers an area of 320 kilometres and four reservoirs situated at water depths of 750 to 1,200 meters. Two of the block’s reservoirs started producing oil back in 2008 using the Alima floating production unit

Project Starting Date


Project End



Engineering and procurement

Customer Expectations

This project was a new FPSO for total and required Hamall to supply instrumentation that was suitable for both the environmental conditions giving high accuracy and comply with the safety aspects for the project. Hamall were able to supply all the products to be suited for a seawater environment and comply with all hazardous area and safety integrated level requirements.

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Scope of Supply

Magnetic Flow Meters, Level Gauges,  Radar Level Transmitter, Orifice Flow Meter, Pressure Transmitter, Temperature Transmitters,  Turbidity Analyser,  Sun Shades.

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